Your bird will be flown in an Airline-Approved Pet Carrier (with food & water) and always in a temperature and pressure-controlled environment. We recommend getting the optional Comfy travel Package (includes a soft bed and toy) to ensure your bird's flight is first class-comfort!

Once we receive notification that you have completed the payment (purchase process, we will coordinate the best time and date to fly your bird to your nearest major airport. You will receive an email with your bird's flight details and tracking number. You will pick up your bird at the cargo service area of your bird's destination airport.

With industry-leading services, the airlines (Delivery Services) we use provides safe transport of your bird. They address the special needs of your bird by providing a comfortable traveling experience for your bird through temperature-controlled and holding areas to prevent exposure to extreme heat or cold temperatures, unparalleled customer service from a dedicated team of professionals who help ensure a seamless journey for your birds, and specially trained ground handles for personalized care on the go.

How to Track your bird's Flight

You will find your bird's flight information in an email or Text messages from us with the subject "Bird's Flight Info". Below you will find links to track your bird's flight and to look up your shipping process, duration and cargo facility. Make sure you track your bird's flight prior to you going to the airport in case of a delay/change. Typically your bird will be ready for pick up about 30-45 minutes after their arrival time.

- DELTA CARGO (If Tracking # begins with 006-xxxxxxxx)
- American Airline CARGO (If tracking # begins with 001-xxxxxxxx)
- UNITED Airlines CARGO (If tracking # begins with 016-xxxxxxxx)

Home Delivery

Shipping nowadays has been made super simple. With so many pet delivery services and airlines available to help in the delivery of your bird for pick up either at the airport cargo section or pet delivery service brings your bird at your home address.

If your bird is shipped, you will be provided a Tracking Number so you know exactly when to expect your bird to arrive either at the pick up airport (Cargo Section) or to wait for the bird to be delivered right at your home address.

We on our part, ensure that we better serve you by making sure that you bird is shipped with high standards couriers and making use of these services to ensure that your bird is safely delivered to your location (Address). Your bird will arrive with the Travel Crate, shot records, 2 years health Guarantee, some toys and food. Your bird would be shipped with an approved courier with cold water, beddings and some food.

Shipping is done within 12 hours. So therefore, your bird will be with you on the same day which is safe and less stressful for your bird. If the birds do travel in the cargo area, however, it is pressurized and at the same temperature and has the same air filtered in as the passengers breathe. Having shipped birds for over 7 years, we have never had a negative incident.

Since shipping takes just a few hours, your bird won't take long to be with you. The birds arrive healthy, super active and excited to meet their new owners. The courier services take great care of the bird during shipping and ensures it's care for and regularly attended, fed and given a drink of water. Generally Shipping is like a vacation for your bird and a wonderful experience as well.

If you choose the option of picking up your bird at the airport then you have to go to the assigned designated arrival airport, with your ID and your Tracking number. So you could sign and clear the receiving papers for the bird and you can take your bird home.

If you choose the option for home delivery, you will have to keep track of your bird and be at home at the provided estimated time of arrival at your home address. So you can sign delivery papers of your bird as you take your bird indoors to your family.