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Nothing beats coming back home to a pet who could say "Hello" or "I love you." Several individuals chose to have pet birds. And the truth is that once you've had a bird in your life, it's impossible to imagine having any other pet. Birds are awesome creatures that are intellectual, quirky, and mischievous.

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We genuinely think about weaning our baby birds based on their specific requirements and maturation rates. All baby parrots for sale online must have a healthy start in life, both nutritionally and emotionally. Each of our babies is given a hand-feeding formula tailored to their species and individual requirements. They are introduced to various food products at a young age, allowing them to explore and experiment with different flavours and textures. Our infants are weaned on a pelleted diet, which includes a variety of trail mix combinations, fruits and veggies, cooked beans and rice, grains, pieces of bread, pastas, and nuts.

Online parrot sales. We specialize in raising companion parrots that are tame, well-socialized, and self-assured. Our highly skilled staff provides all of our birds with spacious and clean housing, nutrient-rich food, and consistent love and attention. We ensure that each bird receives adequate socialization to become successful feathered companions.

At two weeks old, all of our babies are taken from their mothers and fathers and begin to be handfed. Our babies regularly interact with individuals of different ages, other parrot species, and our family pets. They learn basic flock manners and acceptable social behaviours during this time. We breed, feed, and tame a wide range of exotic birds, along with African Greys for Sale.

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